The Complete Solutions  To Metering / Dosing Pumps

JEW Make Pressure Relief Valves range from " to 2" & Pressure setting up
to 200 Kg/Cm2.

These Valves are normally used in all industries & are also required for
all Positive Displacement pumps. Wherever online pressure equipment's are
functioning ,to avoid the overloading on the motor or due to choke up on
discharge, these pressure relief valves are usually being used to release
the excess pressure.
Also require for close reaction vessels, when it goes beyond setup pressure
there by releasing increased pressure in the vessel.
Our valves are usable for steam release for which we are offering two
seating i.e. silicon & S.S. in this valve. Here in case silicon seating is
damaged or spoiled then valve also will give satisfactory performance since
there is second seating i.e. stainless steel lapping seat is used as a
continues seating , thereby valve is working in full capacity.
We are also offering stellieted seating for the release of steam with

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