The Complete Solutions  To Metering / Dosing Pumps

Application of "JEW" Pump :-
  • In "JEW" Pump exact quantity of Chemical can be transferred from Ground level to different head at exact quantity.
  • Head difference will not change the capacity of the pump.
  • Chemical transfer with pressure As our positive displacement Volumetric Pump will dose the liquid in required capacity with higher pressure in to the reaction vessel.
  • Our unique Micro metric stroke adjusted allows Chemical to be transferred in different capacities at the different time as per your requirement of the batch. 
  • For example  maximum requirement of 1000 Liters per hour & requirement of 500 litres per hour can be achieved in the Same pump of 1000 LPH , We have Micro metric stroke adjustment in which you can set the stroke at 50 % & you will get the discharge & transfer of 500 Liter per hour.
  • Duplex Metering Pump :- Two different chemicals to be mixed with required ratio , "JEW" can offer a pump where you can transfer two different liquid can transfer with single pump & single motor with Individual Stoke adjustment to control the flow rate.
  • Laboratory Pump :- "JEW" offer pump for Laboratory / Pilot plant usage i.e. for Micro dosing / transfer of Chemical i.e. 50 ML Per Hour.
  • For fertilizer plants :- For all type of anticaking agents they require our pump for which in India all majority fertilizer plants are using our pumps & giving repeat orders for the same we can also give client names & references also on demand. Water purification plant / Chlorination plants / Effluent treatment plant for the different chemical transfer like Feso4 , Lime solution , Alum etc.rosin transfer in paper mills , all sugar mills require Metering pumps.

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