The Complete Solutions  To Metering / Dosing Pumps

Capacity from 2 Ltrs/Hr. to 1000 Ltrs/Hr. in each Head

In Duplex Metering Pumps Combination of any two models of simplex pumps  is supplied with common gear box/model

Adjustable stroke from 0 to 100% while in operating or at rest Adjustment is Micrometic.
Pumping is done by positive Displacement of the liquid.
Such Positive Displacement Pumps are best suited for feeding the exact quantity (Metered volume) of the liquid.
These types of Metering Pumps are most suitable for Continuous Process Plants where stroke needs to be changed very otten.
Any nature of liquid either acidic or alkaline can be handled by these Pumps.
Least Maintenance with maximum efficiency.
Easy for operation.
Power Consumption is nominal
Gears run soundless in oil bath.
Space requirement is very less.
'JEW' Metering Pumps are reciprocating positive displacement plunger type and are having verities of application in Heavy Chemical Plants, Pharmaceutical plants, Water Treatment Plants, Dairies, Petrochemical, Fertilizer plants, Breweries, Paper & Pulp, Sugar Mills, Dust Suppression Unit in Cement & Coaliaries, Tanneries and many other industries. These pumps are manufactured in Cast iron, SS-304, SS-316, Alloy-20, Hastalloy, Polypropylene, Hylam, Polypick-1000, Teflon, Ceramic, as per specific requirement. Along with the pump we can also provide accessories such as dampener, strainer and flushing system. Also Interchangeable spares readily available for easy maintenance.

'JEW' Duplex Metering Pumps are suitable for use either as Duplex Pumps or Multihead Metering Pumps. Blending of two liquids in required ratio can be effected with the help of these pumps since both the pump heads can be adjusted individually to get required quality of liquid

'JEW' Metering Pumps are supplied on a common base with special motors like Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TFEC). Flame Proof, Explosion Proof or Weather Proof to have extra safety.

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